Introduction to the policy

The privacy policy below is designed in such a way that is easily read by users of the site... If you are confused and want clarification or just want to learn more about this policy, Please contact the webmaster with the contact info in the page footer.

Data Collection

The website collects a limited amount of data from it's users for a bunch of reasons... The common bits of data that a lot of sites collect includes but is not limited to.

  • Web Access and Error Logs
    • User Agent (What Browser you are using and what version it is)
    • IP Address (The IP that the web request was made from)
    • Requested URL (What Page, Image or File was accessed)
  • Analytics Data by Google Analytics
    • Pager hits, Views and Sessions
    • Page view times

We also collect other data from users, But the following is less common and specific to this website. The following data is voluntary and includes but not limited to

  • Discord User Information (Only collected when you login)
    • Discord Username and Discriminator (E.G. AUSsaultBird2454#0001)
    • Email Address (E.G.
    • Discord User Id (E.G. 166866373895520256)
    • Discord Access Token (More on this token later)
  • Comic and Creator profile data
  • Application forms or any other data that is submitted through on the site
  • Uploaded images
Data Access and Use

When you submit any data to the website, you would expect that the data is handled with care and in a way that is secure. This section explains the use of the data that is collected or generated

  • Login Information
    • When you login with discord, We use OAuth to authenticate that you are you by using discord's authentication system... This means that we don't need to and will not hold any Passwords ever. This keeps us secure from breaches trying to take any username and passwords.
    • Discord Access Tokens are used by the server to login to discord and access information about your user account. Please read the "Authorize" dialogue box when you login to see what permissions you are giving us. Access tokens are stored on the client (Your machine) so they can't be stolen from us without modifications to the software.
  • Application Forms
    • We have application forms for new creators or existing creators wanting to list a new comic. These forms are filled in and will store the information you provide in these fields in a database.
  • Data Access
    • Data will be accessed manually by the webmaster only when that access is necessary.
    • Data will only be provided to these third parties
      • Law enforcement
      • Google Analytics
      • Discord (Login)
    • Application forms will only be shared with site managers for the purpose of helping moderate and perform quality control
The Law

This website and it's webmaster will follow all privacy laws and regulations and will make any and all corrections to make sure that the site is following those laws and regulations should the site become aware of any privacy laws that we are not in compliance for.

Should you want any of your data to be deleted, You may send an email to the webmaster and we will delete all the data associated with you as quickly as possible within 30 days of the formal deletion notice. There are a few cases when data deletion is impossible or not reasonable but we will try our best to delete all the data... Data that cant be deleted or may be held longer than the original deletion period are as follows.

  • Data that is retained in backups (The data stored in backups cant be deleted upon request... However, any data that is stored in backups will eventually be replaced with newer backups thus deleting the old data that was requested to be deleted)
  • Data that requires a longer retention time by law (Some data may be required to be held for longer periods of time regardless of deletion requests for a period of time... This data will be held due to the legal requirements.
  • Data that relates to system security (Web Access Logs will be retained and unaffected by delete requests due to the nature of access logs being for security audits)

Just like how data can be requested to be deleted, You may also request a copy of any and all data that we have on you. This data will not include things like Web Access Logs or Error Logs for security reasons, But will include things like all user data, files uploaded by you / for you e.t.c