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The Radiant Guild Rules and Guidelines

1: All comics and creators will be reviewed on a case by case basis

Since the guidelines are a bit subjective with no exact parameters, every comic that is submitted to be shown on the Radiant Guild site will be viewed by several people. These people will vote on the comic's inclusion based on whether the comic fits the site's rules.

2: Comic must be established

In order to be listed on the Radiant Guild site all comics should be established. Brand new comics or comics that have not been updated in an extremely long time will not be accepted. There is no hard minimum number of pages required to be considered 'established' nor is a strictly followed update schedule expected as different comics use different page formats and update schedules (ex: really long nuzlocke updates vs 3 panel strips). Each comic will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

3: Comics containing extremely graphic content are prohibited

Comics with suggestive themes and gore/violence are allowed but may be required to be marked as mature depending on the severity. Pornographic content or extremely detailed violence or gore (excessive blood/guts, etc. for the shock value), however, is not allowed.

4: Linking Back

All comics listed on the Radiant Guild site are expected to include a link back to the Radiant Guild site in some form. Various buttons and banners are available. Should you desire to create your own banner you may request the svg or psd file of the site logo for your own use. The link is not expected to be front and center on your site but it should not be hidden in some obscure corner of the site. If we cannot find the link back your comic may be subject to removal.

If you wish to add your own custom Radiant Guild Banners or Buttons to be available for use by other members, please let us know and we'll add it to the banner page. Otherwise we'll assume you want exclusive use of your custom banner. We will also happily add your affiliate banners for easy access to others if you wish!

Note: We understand not all mirrors will allow use of custom layouts, images, and links (such as Smackjeeves). It will not be required on these sites, of course! Just make an active effort to include the link on whatever sites allow it such as ComicFury and Tapas. The whole goal of this site is to help promote the work of comic artists- and this is best done when all the participating artists link back in some way so readers end up here and find the work of others! Try to link your readers here in some way or another! Even if it's just a link back to this site that you occasionally post in the comics section that'd be fine! If you need help coding the button/banner into your site, feel free to ask for help!

A list of existing banners and assets you can use can be found by clicking the Media Assets button

Radiant Guild Branding

5: Comics must remain active

Breaks are fine! We all take them. You won't be removed from the site for being away a few weeks, or even a few months. However if it seems like your comic is dead for good it may be removed. We will try to contact you to check in if it seems you haven't updated in a good while. Removal will only be done if it really seems the comic is dead!

We will never remove a comic we think is dead without trying to contact you first.

6: Showcase your art on the site!

After your comic has been approved you may create a banner for your comic to be displayed at the top of the site. The main page of the site will display a random comic's banner. Your page and your comics page will always display one of your own banners. Banners are optional but encouraged! However, banners should be strictly safe for work even if your comic is labled as mature! Banners should be 1920px x 350px. The use of the Radiant Guild logo is not required in the banner! Have fun!

If you wish to contribute to having some themed art displayed on the error pages for some extra fun, Contact Webmaster AUS for more info on the more hidden pieces! Like banners, purely optional, for-fun, and encouraged!

Comics without banners & Creators who dont have a comic with a banner will use a default blue banner.

Any art used in the error pages or as banners will be linked to the respective artist's profile or comic!

7: We reserve the right to remove any comic for any reason

If a comic breaks any Radiant Guild rules or an author partakes in activities we find unacceptable such as- but not limited to- hate speech, flaming, harassment, or other innapropriate behavior we reserve the right to remove any comic without warning. In the event of smaller rule breaks we'll contact you and allow time for the issue to be corrected!

8: You may request removal of your comic at any time

Your agreement to share your comic here is not a legally binding contract. Nothing here is a legally binding contract. All comics listed here are listed voluntarily with permission of the comic's creator. We claim no right to any of their work and display it with the intentions of promoting the work of fellow creators. If at any point a creator wants to pull their comic or any of their work from the site we will do so with full respect of the author's wishes. Any and all work on the Radiant Guild site associated with your comic, such as banners, will also be removed.

Please allow for at least 30 days for the removal process to take place... Removal should only take 24 hours, But this large window is mostly to give the webmaster time to get to the request should he be on holiday without internet connection... I will ensure to perform any delete requests as quickly as I possibly can.

9: Appropriate content policy

When you join the site, you are agreeing to post only appropriate content onto the site. Coverpages and Banners must follow the below rules before they can appear on the main site. Please keep in mind that all content needs to be approved, just send the webmaster and email or DM on discord to get this approval

  • No blood and guts of any kind, (e.g. tomato sauce blood, or an arm on the floor not attached to a creature, but this does not mean your comic cant have it... Just not home page banners and covers)
  • Weapons are allowed provided that they are not actively used in the banner and are for display only (e.g. Handguns fine, shooting it no, same as blood rule, only applies to covers or banners that appear on the home page)
  • If you cant show it to a 13 year old, your grandmother or is otherwise NSFW, then no go sorry
  • Site Managers can approve or reject anything for any reason (We will be reasonable when and if this power needs to be used)

10: Rules and Guidelines are subject to change

We reserve the right to change the site's rules and guidelines at any time should we deem it necessary. In the event of any major rule changes artists will be given 30 days to adjust to the new rules if needed. Should an artist not agree with the changes they may optout at any point (rule 8).