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PMD: Hanging in the Balance

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The Pokemon known as Zuctuveil typically live in the cold mountains in packs. So you can imagine the surprise of the young, timid, Pikachu Haruki, finding a lone Zuctuveil laying on the beach one evening after a serious thunderstorm. Her name is Miku, and as it turns out she's not a "Zuctuveil" at all! As she aggressively corrects him, it turns out the teenage Miku is, in truth, a human. At least that's what she thinks, but it's hard to say, seeing as she seems to suffer from retrograde amnesia. After a slightly rocky start, the two protagonists decide to join forces as the Exploration Team Resplendent, as is Haruki's life-long dream. In doing so, Miku hopes to somehow learn the secrets of her past. That is, of course, unless her past learns of her first...

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[she/her] I make a neat Pokemon comic sometimes, but my main hobbies are to eat hot chip and lie.


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