Common Questions About The Radiant Guild

Who are we?

We are a bunch of comic artists who make comics that are free and for the world to see! We want to share the crazy side of our mind and the stories from it in a visual form :)

We want to entertain people with what we love doing, that being comic making!

Why make this site?

A good question... This site was made for us by a mad lad aussie for a bunch of friends around the time that SmackJeeves went supernova and nuked it's fanbase...

So this guy stepped up and made a site that we can all point to to promote outselves on as well as point you guys to other good comics!

Yes, That mad lad aussie wrote this question and answer :P

Who made this site?

Hello my name is AUSsaultBird2454, Or if you want a short name, Call me AUS... I created this site for a bunch of friends for free because I can and because I wanted to.

While I do a few things for these people, I am not free, But they pay me in enjoyment of being amung them so yay! Support me and help keep this site running on Patreon :P

How did everyone on this site get featured?

There are a few ways people ended up on this site. This site was made for some friends, so they all made it on... However the site will be opening up publicly (more on that later) so people may have asked to be featured or people where offered invitation to be featured

That said everyone on this site follows a small set of rules.

Site Rules? This site has rules?

Yes, As of now... There are some guidelines on what a creator must do and what a comic needs to be like before it can feature... These guidelines are very easy to meet the requirements for tho. I will link to the full set of guidelines below, but here is a rundown.

  1. Comics get reviewed individually (Dont worry, We try to avoid bias)
  2. Comic needs to established (This is not a page requirement)
  3. Nothing extremely gory (Blood fine, detailed and realistic guts and stuff no)
  4. You need to be willing to link back to this site (To be featured here is a two way street, feature for feature)
  5. Active comics only (We dont want to feature comics that are not active)

The main reason for these guidelines is add some quality control to the site. We want to accept all comics but we dont want to accept anything that has a chance of discontinuing, provoke strong disturbances. Art style is never judged in deciding if someone can join

Learn more about the guidelines or even apply to be featured on the Join Us Page

The site will be public? Can I get featured?

Yes you can apply to be featured any time! go to the Join Us Page and fill in the form and we will get back to you when we review and tell you what's next

What are the future plans for this website?

With this site, I want to make it host the comics them selves eventually... It would be cool if the comics them selves had the pages on this site. Could implement an RSS feed and an Email notice when pages go up or similar... Really there is no limit to what can be implemented, could even implement If you have ideas, please share them :)

How do I support?

Depends on who you want to support! If you would like to support a creator, Please go to their profile and slap the Patreon or KoFi buttons or whatever other chanels they have listed to support them :) If you cant spend money, then dont, following them and kind words will go a long way and help them stay sane while they try and find the best ways to make you guys cry by killing the most loved characters

If you are wanting to support this website, it's development and want to see it grow then please just send some kind words to AUS and if you can, please consider supporting on patreon! All pledges to AUS will be used to pay off the server costs and any left overs will be used to buy a fat (spelt with a "ph") jucy burger at the end of the month.

Remember, Support is more than pledging money and we all would like you to only do it if you can, never do it if it will put you in a bad spot. Fan art is also very encouraging to see